PHP is very important now a day.Here we offer a free vedio course of PHP including HTML,CSS,JQERY & MYSQL.By the help of PHP you can creat Dynamic Website,FACEBOOK is a very good example of dynamic website.After learning the course you are able to design any type of website.The course is totally free & if there is any problem then you comment your issue we will solve it soon.PHP stands for Hyper Text Pre-Processor which is an open source web development language used for creatingdynamic websites and web applications. This language has been very popular over the past few years, and today, millions of websites on the web use PHP as their main back-end development language. However, there is (formally ASP) in the market which is also used massively, but unlike ASP which is a Microsoft product, PHP has support for OOP (Object Oriented Programming), and many other features including very good security options, and PHP is an open source web development language. This is a complete course for learning PHP & MySQL, MySQL is used as a database with PHP which is also a popular software used by thousands of companies today for storing text information.

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